Sweeper Belt Capabilities

  • Complete lot traceability from raw material to finished product
  • Dimensional design support
  • Material selection and development
  • Surface printing, including customer artwork and lot information
  • Dedicated belt manufacturing cell – Grand River Rubber and Plastics Co. has dedicated a manufacturing cell to producing the highest quality flat belt products. Through continuous reinvestment and investigation into new equipment technologies, we have built a state of the art production line. Our capacity of 200,000 belts per day allows us to meet all customer requirements.
  • Dedicated flat drive belt laboratory

Tension Testing – Maintaining a consistent tension result is important in flat belt applications. Tension testing is an integral part of our quality control and development program.

Stalled Brush Roll Testing – Grand River Rubber & Plastics Co. conducts stalled brush roll testing by several methods according to customer procedures. We have developed products that meet the toughest OEM stalled brush life requirements.

Life Testing – Grand River Rubber & Plastics Co. has life test fixtures compliant to ASTM F555 specifications for new product development and ongoing quality assurance.